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6 Ways for stress-less seasonal smiles

As the newness of back to school schedules finally starts to settle in, Halloween festivities calm down, we humans love to look forward to the next things. And in November, that might mean confirming gatherings for Thanksgiving, friendsgiving, Christmas, and all of the tasks that come along with these events. Is the stress starting to build yet?!

With the holiday season steadily approaching it’s no surprise the to-do list starts to expand as well. As we welcome friends and family into our homes I’m here to suggest that making them feel welcomed and cozy doesn’t need to be a stressful thing. I’d like to show you six stress-less ways I’ve added a touch of seasonal smiles to my home in minutes. That means I have a ton more minutes, and energy, to put towards being a part of the gathering rather than just preparing for it.

1. Coffee table

2 plants + 1 seasonal decor + Plant Stake + Button

Whether it's for watching tv, playing games or just lounging on the couch the coffee table is a central hub for having people over. Here I’ve nestled a couple of plants and a seasonal ceramic piece in the center of my coffee table. I stuck the Plant Stake into the one plant and used the acorn Button to coordinate with the green pumpkin.

2. Naked nook

1 plant stand + a handful of plants + Plant Stake + Buttons

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do with those little nooks in my home that are too big to be left empty yet too small for actual furniture. And for these areas I lean towards plants. I’ve arranged a pile of plants on a cute plant stand and added a few PlantStakes and seasonal Buttons to turn my naked nook into that corner I can’t stop looking at.

3. Living room mantle

1 favorite picture/art work + 1 seasonal accessory + Wall Display + Switch

I love using my mantle as a shelf for my home decor. It’s big enough to make a statement in my living room and so I don’t feel the need to go over the top with the decor. Mostly everything on my mantle stays the same throughout the year and I only change the seasonal accessory and the Switch on my Wall Display. My artwork is a meaningful piece from our wedding layered behind my Wall Display with a simple seasonal accessory snuggled between the two.

4. Accent chair

1 Blanket + Magnetic Pillow + Switch

Sometimes the extra seating is only needed a handful of times during the year but when it’s used it’s so clutch to have it already thought out. The other times of the year it makes a great spot to bring in those cozy vibes with layers of fabrics. In the corner of my living room I pair our smooth surface chair with this fuzzy blanket and change up the Switch on the Magnetic Pillow to add even more seasonal smiles.

5. Entry way

1 picture frame shelf + a handful of favorite decor pieces + Wall Display + Switch

Even though we, personally, don’t use our entryway very much for actual ‘entering’ I love having this area setup for giving off welcoming vibes for our friends who do come through the front door. I use this space very similarly to our mantle, where I keep my decor fairly general so most of it stays put year round. I’ve added some height with faux flowers, some funk with a fish vase, a personal touch with meaningful pictures and of course seasonal smiles with my Switch and Wall Display.

6. Coffee nook

Wall Display + Switch

This area is a well used spot in our home and even more so when we have guests over. I’ve hung a Wall Display above our coffee bar just about at eye height. This way when making a cup of coffee or tea there’s a sprinkle of seasonal interest with the Switch to make this ritual even more enjoyable.


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