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Behind the scenes of the Wall Vase, 4

Attention to the small details are one of my strengths and this Wall Vase is strong.

Physically, it’s a little item, slightly smaller than a piece of paper, standing just 9” tall by 8” wide. But this little creation is packed full of small details that come together to make a big and beautiful impact for the handcrafted enthusiast. Let’s dive into those details.

After I add the hidden magnets the next most important part is to add the hanging hook for the vase. This step took me a few rounds to get the look I was going for and I’m very pleased with how the pop of gold turned out on the reclaimed wood. My love for gold accents goes deep and it makes me smile when this naturally shows up in the pieces I make.

Besides the fabulous combo of gold and reclaimed wood, this little hook allows the vase to be removable and ultra functional. The vase itself is unique in that it has a hole built into the design, specifically for hanging. Having a removable vase simplifies the process of changing the water, cleaning the vase or refilling with whatever creative ideas one can come up with.

Technically, after I add the hanging hook to the front, I could be done. The Wall Vase would be fully functional and serve the purpose I intended when I started working on the idea…and that’s not how I operate.

Who knows, maybe it’s the enneagram wing 1 in me always striving for better but I have a tendency to really hone in on the little things. It’s a blessing and a curse and in this case it provides me with a piece of art I’m truly proud of.

I gladly take more time to add a hanging wire to the back for an added option of hanging the Wall Vase on the wall. The way I attach the hanging wire matters too. I use a specific size washer to cover the raw ends of the wire in addition to some screws. This gives a clean, put together look, because in my eyes the back is just as important as the front when making art. The washers also give extra support to the wire ensuring the Wall Vase will stay put for as long as needed.

And then it’s time to burn some wood. I’m never short on smiles when I use my brander to burn my logo into the back of my pieces. It’s one of my favorite finishing touches. I just love the idea that all my wood pieces have my logo on them, as if it’s sealing the love and intentionality I put into each one.

And there you have it. The details of the Wall Vase that make this little piece stand out so strong and have people saying “you’ve thought of everything” and “what a cool and unique piece”. See what they’re saying.

I hope you’ve enjoyed going behind the scenes in this series of making of the Wall Vase as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing it with you.


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