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I got worms

That's what I knew I'd call my worm farm before I even had the worms. Then, last October (2021) I bought 1,000 worms to start that worm farm. My neighbor gave me his old worm tower and I started watching all the videos and even bought a worm farm book 🤓☺️

The more I learn the more I’m sucked in. So many amazing benefits for all the things we see above ground when these worms and their poop are added to the soil.

This weekend I made a ‘compost tea’ but I think we’re calling it jungle juice 🙃. Pouring this liquid poop concoction around the plants will boost the good bacteria and fungus and all the other bajillion microbes for some super healthy soil and plants 🌱♥️

I’m nerding out over here as I work to create a system for my worm farm (I'm a sucker for creating systems) but I’m especially loving all the circular stuff-cooking scraps to worms-worms to plants-plants to cooking ☺️👌🏻


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