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Initial Switch

Initial Switch

One of several to come in the Personalized Collection here at Switch Stitch. Use the drop down menus when purchasing to personalize your Initial Switch.


A multi-use, magnetic system for the creative change seeker looking for a unique piece that is meaningful, draws attention & easily adapts to an ever evolving style. The Initial Switch can be used on the companion Switch Stitch Magnetic Pillow or Wall Display (each sold separately).


I am so pumped you’re considering a personalized Initial Switch and I’m beyond thrilled that you are choosing handmade over manufactured. We need more people like you in the world 😉. But seriously, it really does mean a lot to me that you value the work I do. Every piece I create is made with lots of love and your custom piece is no different.


Perfect for:

  • A truly meaningful & purposeful gift

  • An everlasting way to remember milestone life events

  • A way to add unique branding in a small office space

  • An eye catching conversation starter in an accent chair


Life happens and so do spills. Spot clean by hand as needed or machine wash, preferably in a delicate’s laundry bag for added protection. Air dry.



(1) Personalized Initial Switch


Switch size: 11"x11"

  • Your Purchase


    By purchasing handmade items like this you are supporting the growing movement to keep textiles out of our landfills as each of the Switches are made with reclaimed fabrics, making this a sustainable purchase.


    Blending eco-consciousness and modern living in a sustainable way by constantly refining the types of materials sourced for our products.


    Tells A Story

    Handmade in Ohio, making each item exclusively unique and tells the story of embracing creativity to turn waste into functional beauty.


    Individually constructed with raw edge, machine appliqué and free motion thread sketching, in a way that allows the magnets to be securely concealed within the design, providing you with the highest quality item possible.


    By purchasing handmade items like this you are raising your hand as an eco-conscious consumer that believes design and decor can tell a story of supporting local, reducing waste and helping out where you can. 

  • Returns

    I want nothing less than for you to have 100% happiness and satisfaction upon receiving your item. If, for some reason, this is not the case then please contact me so I can make it right for you.