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More Than Pretty Things

I’ve been wondering this for a long time now but I’ve never actually taken the time to dive deep into it. I have always been drawn to interior design and the flow of a space but I’ve never really put much thought into ‘why’ it’s so important to me. So here’s to figuring out what’s underneath a visually appealing space.

Surface level, as a person who very much experiences my world through my senses, all the things about a well decorated space matter to me. The colors, the textures, the negative space, the heights of objects and how they relate to each other…it’s all stuff that I can’t help but to notice. Trust me, if I could shut it off, some days I would rather.

But on a deeper level there’s a lot going on emotionally for me when it comes to how a space is put together. Oh yes, I get how silly this can sound at first, trust me, it took me a while to work this one out. Thanks to Pinterest I was able to do some serious visual research. And with some inspiration from professional designers who are able to put decorating into words, I think I’m finally understanding why a well decorated space is such a priority for me.

I feel like a well decorated space is so much more than pretty things sitting in certain spots. Our spaces, the environments we choose to surround ourselves with, day in and day out are an expression of who we are. They are a way to communicate a story, share a piece of ourselves and bring joy to our hearts. Our spaces are a way to connect to our priorities, to display our values and sneak in a little of our personal weirdness. It’s for these reasons that I feel it’s important to be intentional about the pieces we put in our spaces.

I also believe the spaces we are drawn to and choose to spend significant time in, like our homes, should be a place of peace and calm and an escape from the stressors. We have so many things competing for our attention and energy on a daily basis that when we are in our home we shouldn’t be continuing this struggle. Instead, when we are in our homes, or chosen space, we should be doing the things we love to do. We should be laughing, playing, sharing, talking, helping, connecting and just being.

For me, this is where simplicity takes the stage. The idea that less is more. By being intentional about the pieces we put in our space we take a tiny bit more effort on the front end to choose the pieces that really represent the things that are important to us and then say no to everything else. I believe if the foundation is started in this way, with intention, then it’s so easy to continue along this path with minimal effort.

The great thing about life, and design, is that even if we didn’t set out in one direction initially, there is always a way to start moving towards the path we want. Maybe that’s the deeper appreciation I have for a well decorated space after all…maybe it’s that our spaces remind us that we’re not stuck to past decisions and old stories that no longer serve us. Maybe they’re a visual reminder that we can choose to adjust at any time towards the things and stories that do serve us; that bring us joy and that help us become the best versions of ourselves and the life we want to live.

Now that you’ve helped me process through that one LOL. I’m curious, what’s your chosen space and what foundation is it built on and what’s the intentional story you want to share?


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