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Starter Bundles

Adventure Seeker

For that person who is up for whatever and seems to always go with the flow. They're ready to go at a moments notice and fully into the messy hair, don't care vibe.


Plant Lover

For that person who is constantly looking to buy a new plant. Or maybe they're a wanna-be plant lover and struggling to keep a plant alive! This is the cuteness needed to distract from those struggling plants until they get the hang of it.


Always On The Go

For that person who is running endless errands or travels a lot for work, seemingly in their car more than they are home. Maybe they live at the sports fields, courts or gyms dutifully taking their players from one activity to the next.


Home Buddy

For that person who is the ultimate nester and is always creating those cozy vibes. Maybe they regularly take the time to bring the outdoors in by indulging in fresh cut flowers or propagating from their plants.


All The Things

For that person who is all the things, all the time. They are continually giving and doing to make those around them feel comfy and content. They're ready to go at a moment's notice, they're always on the go and when they are actually home they put a lot of care and attention into making their space welcoming for others.


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