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Proudly Sharing A Big Win

As I’m writing this in March 2022, just a few weekends ago I did a thing. I wrote a final check to pay off my car! AND…I almost didn’t share this with you.

It was when I realized I had kept thinking about this moment several times after it was done, that I really absorbed how important this was to me…how proud I truly was. Plus, the little detail that I have been working on paying down my car for years, was another hint of its importance.

I was hesitant on sharing from fear of being seen in a certain way, a negative light, from whatever story I was making up in my head and from the labels that can put on things like money and sharing success stories. However, we all know every story has more than one side and for me this meant I could stop hiding my successes and proudly share the things I’ve taken decisive, focused action to get to.

When I’m struggling with my internal dialogue I try to see the situation from a flipped perspective, like one of a close friend, and that’s what I did here. I pretended like my bestie was telling me this same scenario and I thought about how I would react to hearing the news. When I played it out in my head I was thrilled and excited for my friend and I knew I needed to share my news with you.

Although paying my car off was (and still is) a big deal to me there’s something even more notable that I’ve realized with this situation. For whatever reasons I regularly shy away from sharing the things I’m really proud of. I’ll tell a handful of people and then I keep quiet about it as if I’m embarrassed or something. And when I look at this from the flipped perspective I would want my friends to share all of their successes to everyone…all the time!

Each of our successes, not matter how big or small, takes energy, effort and determination. Isn’t that what this journey is all about? Being in the present moment enough to take a look at what’s going on; to pause and decide if that’s what we truly want…if that’s what makes us grow towards our best version. To intentionally choose the path that best suits us and then to allocate our resources (usually unevenly) towards our option with decisive action. And what is all that for if not to share and celebrate the journey of getting to our desired place.

So here’s to no more car payments and to proudly sharing more successes…with less hesitation and a more proud perspective. To spreading gratitude for the big and small things in life by simply talking about them. And to keep them coming with open minds and open hearts, for all of us.

What’s a win you're proud of?! I’d love to hear! Share with me by commenting below.


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