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Fly Little Bird Switch

Fly Little Bird Switch



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I absolutely love watching the Robin birds work tirelessly day in and day out, for weeks on end to build their nest, lay their eggs, feed their babies, and watch over + teach them as their little ones are hopping all over the ground. This Switch is a nod to the tireless work you mamas + papas do to prepare your little birds to fly on their own...knowing they will always have a spot in your nest to return to. Give this Switch to someone who has supported you to fly or as a reminder that we were all built to do hard things...just like those Robin birds.


This Switch is a reclaimed fabric square insert with a hidden magnetic feature for a simple, 1-step way to switch over to a new design on the companion Switch Stitch Pillow cover or Wall Display (each sold separately). High quality construction and simplistic style allow this piece to be enjoyed over the years.


Perfect for:

  • An eye catching conversation starter in an entry-way or accent chair

  • A space saving, multi-use decor piece in a tiny living home/RV

  • A purposeful gift that keeps evolving

  • Adding seasonal touches without the storage hassles


Handmade in Ohio using only reclaimed fabric, making each item exclusively unique and one of a kind. Colors are as shown in picture and once this one is sold I cannot promise an exact replication due to using reclaimed fabrics. I will do my best to stay with similar fabrics. Constructed with raw edge, machine appliqué in a way that allows the magnets to be securely concealed within the design.


Switch size: 11"x11"

  • Your Purchase


    By purchasing handmade items like this you are supporting the growing movement to keep textiles out of our landfills as each of the Switches are made with reclaimed fabrics, making this a sustainable purchase.


    Blending eco-consciousness and modern living in a sustainable way by constantly refining the types of materials sourced for our products.


    Tells A Story

    Handmade in Ohio, making each item exclusively unique and tells the story of embracing creativity to turn waste into functional beauty.


    Individually constructed with