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Add Magnet to Your Current Hat

Add Magnet to Your Current Hat

If you have a favorite hat you'd like to be able to wear with Switch Stitch magnetic Buttons then this option is for you. You give me your current hat and I will sew in the magnet to the inside of it. And if you ever want to wear the hat without a Button, go right ahead, no one will ever know because the magnet will be fully hidden. You can be adding interest + flair to every outfit in no time. Talk about having all the options.


The built-in magnet provides just the right pull force for your Button to hold firmly to in the front left corner. Simply put your hat on, attach your magnetic Button and enjoy the smile that will grow on your face [and maybe on your friends’ too].  


Be sure to check out all the Buttons that are part of this quick & easy magnetic system that simplifies your life so you can get back to doing the things you love.

  • Shipping

    This service of adding the magnet to your current hat does not include shipping. You'll need to get your hat to me (mail it or connect to drop off). Leave me a message on what you prefer.