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Switch Script

2022 exclusive designs



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Switch Script

Decor on auto-refresh.

With one simple click.

The subscription for Switch Stitch, or as my mom coined it...Switch Script 🥰 is created for those of you that are like me.

We want to decorate our space to expressing the interest we try to find in everyday. We like to find pieces that not everyone has. The pieces that have a uniqueness to them, a story to share. Sometimes that can take some searching because we typically won't be able to find what we want at our local TJ Maxx or Target. Although the adventure of the search can be fun, it can also be time consuming and draining.

With the subscription you can have the best of both worlds. You can have a super unique, interesting piece of decor that shares a story about how it was made and what's important to you. AND save time, money effort and energy searching for it. You can make one decision, make one purchase and get exclusive decorations for the entire year...while never thinking about it again.


This is also an amazing gift to give. Think about it, you hand your special person this card saying “not only am I giving you a gift right now, but you will be getting a gift from me each month...for the entire year”! And you never have to think about it again...uh yes, sign me up please!! That should cover Christmas, birthday, Mother’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, anniversaries, Sweetest Day, Valentine’s Day and any other day you can think of!!

The anticipation and excitement they will be feeling each month is priceless and they'll have that because of you and your decision to sign them up for the SCRIPT.


Created specifically for you

Shipped directly to you

Every month, without lifting a finger

Switches arrive at the start of each month 

Here's how it works

switch script subscription shipment

By opting into Switch Script you will be mailed a handcrafted Switch each and every month.


The designs for the Switch Script will not be available to anyone else who is not opted into the subscription making these Switches ultra exclusive.


You can cancel your subscription anytime.

There’s not a whole lot to say because it’s super simple. I mean that’s why I created Switch Stitch in the first simplify the process and Switch Script is no different.


Keep scrolling to see the free stuff + all the bonus discounts you get for being a Switch Script subscriber


So here's the scoop...

I spoil you when you're a subscriber

Not only will you be getting monthly designs that no one else can get you will also be getting a lower price on other items in the shop for as long as your subscription is active. Just a take a look below for the deets.


Coordinating foundation piece included, because you'll want this to display all your items!


15% savings on each of your monthly Script Switches and/or Buttons


A special Birthday bonus, because your special day deserves it's own decor.


Big discounts on personalized pieces.


Random surprises, because who doesn't love a surprise?!


I'm still trying to figure out if

I’m more excited to use this subscription service or to offer it LOL...can I sign up for my own thing?? I will be making all of your Switches by hand using my sewing machine and thread sketching technique. I’m sure Orrick will be checking in on the progress, monitoring how things are going and letting me know when it’s 5pm! Anyways, these Switches will stay super eco-conscious by using reclaimed fabrics and as always, will be made with lots of love.

It’s time you stop decorating and start doing....


all the other things you love...while enjoying a welcoming space that’s unique to your style.


Kind Words

"Hiiii! I’m loving this monthly subscription idea! I’d love to subscribe...I have an accent chair in my landing that is perfect for the Switches!”

- Emily N.

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