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Hey friend!


I have been working on this for a while now and I’m so pumped to finally be able to share it with you! I’ll be releasing it in early December.


2022 Switch Script will be much more than a cute piece of decor to display. This time around Switch Script will be focused even more on one of my favorite parts… connecting.


Think the connection between art, nature ,the stories we share with others and the ones we tell ourselves. While at the same time doubling down on making the process of decorating super simple with the new eMini Kit.


It’s going to be an amazing blend of the art of thread sketching, the simplistic beauty we can find in everyday nature and our lives, and of course, sharing that story with friends and family to give this world a little more smile ♥️


As you might have heard, I’m very close to opening spots for the 2022 Switch Script along with an eMini Kit on simplifying the decorating process.

The new Switch Script spots for 2022 will include

  • A foundation piece

  • A monthly Switch [and/or Button]

  • A tid-bit of fun facts related to the monthly design

  • Plus an eMini Kit on how to simplify the decorating process.


The eMini Kit will include a few really fun and helpful PDF’s plus a video or two! That’s in addition to the other ‘typical’ perks of being part of Switch Script.

In case you missed it...


Our spaces should be a place where we disconnect from the stressors of life.


The making of Switch Stitch items, how to find your foundation piece and the different SCRIPT plans.


SCRIPT spots are opening! Also hear what current SCRIPT friends have to say and other perks of being part of the subscription.

Top of videos


for 2022 SCRIPTS

I’m really pumped for this year because I will be adding some extra pieces to the SCRIPTS to really embrace beauty of simplicity, connection and intentional living. 


I will keep with my method of thread sketching to create the designs and this time around I will be pulling my inspiration from nature. Reminding us that simplistic beauty is all around if we stop and take the time to find it.


Building on the connection piece I will be adding a tid-bit of fun facts related to the monthly designs. These tid-bits might include the benefits of the nature item, the meaning or symbolism, how-to's or recipes, etc. Allowing us to not only deepen our connection with nature but also with others we choose to share this information with.

Inspiration pics
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