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Hi, I'm Brooke!

I make magnetic home decor items that you can switch out as quickly as you change your mind. I help decrease the amount of energy you need for decorating so that you can get back to relaxing & entertaining in your space.

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I was once right where you are at...struggling to find that “just right piece” to bring the vision of your finished space into reality.


Mentally comparing a tiny list of must-haves with the infinity of options available...all of which, somehow, never match up the way you want it.


Leaving you feeling frustrated, defeated and on the verge of entirely giving up on completing your space.


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I used to feel like I was with my kind of people when I heard the words sustainability and eco friendly. I'd get a sense of ease and comfort knowing I found people, or brands, that believed what I believed. I felt like I knew what I could expect.


These days it seems these terms are thrown around willy-nilly, sometimes with little or no truth behind them. And that makes me feel frustrated, suspicious and ultra confused.

I don't want to add to this mess of green washing and muddy waters.


I'm just a nature loving nerd doing what I can to make beautiful things in a way that leaves the earth a little less trashy...

And as I learn new things I'm continually adjusting my make processes as I'm able. Keep scrolling to see my current sustainability ways.


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I’ve always loved & appreciated a well decorated space. There’s just something about intentional decorations and seasonal touches that bring me warm & fuzzy feelings; that make me want to settle in that space with others.


 But...I’ve also struggled to keep up with switching my decorations to go with the changing seasons and my current “Pinspiration”

  1. The process of changing decorations was a huge task in my mind. It was cumbersome & anything but streamlined. Frustrating.

  2. There were always way too many decisions to make throughout the whole process. Exhausting.

  3. I felt like I wasn’t being true to my values when I was buying random meaningless things just to fill space. Pointless.

When I took time to figure out why I struggled, I realized it came down to

3 key things:


So instead of bouncing between the extremes of avoidance & overwhelm, I decided to create a system that would mend the 3 major hurdles.


After several non-stop days of sewing, unsewing and re-sewing; I had the start of a system that checked all the boxes for me.

Switch Stitch was born.

A quick & simple way to switch out decorations so that my space would flow with my current style; with minimal decisions. While using impactful items that have a story to tell; giving my space more depth & meaning.


I’m a homebody in the truest sense. I believe a home is an extension of the people that live in it & it’s such a treat to get to turn a house into a home.


I am passionate about a lot of things, my fellow Leo’s can understand...but a good majority of my passions have funneled their way to help create Switch Stitch.

I’ll spare you the details, unless of course you’re a detail person like myself. Then here's some stuff for you to nerd out on.

The quick overview is that I was regularly encouraged to explore my creative ideas & I started sewing when I was about 7 years old. I’ve always had an interest in giving new life to old things & working with my hands. Add that to my formal education in occupational therapy…[aka: task analysis of how to solve a problem] and my lean towards eco-conscious and, there you go, it all adds up to Switch Stitch.


I want you to...

stop debating over endless options of which decor item to pick just so that you can mark something off of your to-do list. To then, change your mind and find yourself struggling with the same exact decision a few months later.


Streamline your decorating while keeping your space a unique reflection of your personal style and values.

It’s time you stop decorating and start doing....

all the other things you love...while enjoying a welcoming space that’s unique to your style.


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