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April Birth Month Flower Button Lilac

April Birth Month Flower Button Lilac

SKU: BT121

I'm so fascinated with the dynamic character of native flowers and it's finally manifested into a whole collection. At first glance the beauty of native flowers makes me think they're delicate, fragile and need a lot of care. When really, they are the most low maintenance, strong, hardy and resilient plants. There's something inspiring about the combination of beautiful and strong. And every Button in this collection is a representation of that.


Native plants are a very crucial part of keeping this world interesting, sustaining biodiversity, maintaining food webs, enhancing ecosystems and enabling so many living beings to have thriving lives.


It's my hope that when any Button from this collection is gifted, displayed and shared there will be a conversation around some of the same traits the native flowers have. Each Button being a reminder to...

  • keep this world interesting
  • support all of those we cross paths
  • foster collaborative connections
  • and to live our best lives by being in the moment


Specifics Includes one magnetic Button.

Button size: 1.5” diameter [edge to edge]

Material: Scraps of reclaimed fabrics, ceramic magnet, brass, recycled thread

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