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Dual Purpose

Three major things I know about myself

1) I can make a mess that will rival a toddler

2) If I can't see it I 100% forget about it

3) The simpler it is to do the absolute better…especially about organization.

This means the main way I stay organized over the long haul is with functional decor. For me, functional decor means that the things in my sewing studio are dual purpose...they have to fit in with my design aesthetics (ie: cute) and they have to serve a purpose (ie: keeping me organized).

You might be asking does it really matter if things are cute as long as they get the job done? And I will happily argue 1,000% that what it looks like matters so much so that it effects how I use the item (or don't use the item). Besides observing this about myself over the years I have also given myself a sensory profile assessment several times. Yes, really nerdy occupational therapy stuff here. Each time the results show that my physical and visual surroundings have big impacts on me.

But back to functional decor...the pieces I use have to be cute because I need to have them sitting out in order to see them, in order for me to use them. I could probably go into a lot of detail with this but I'll stay focused here and give you the five main ways I incorporate functional decor into my sewing studio.

1) A tool box on cutting table. Really it's a vintage looking jewelry box that holds all my tools for cutting and marking fabrics. The way it opens I can easily see and grab what I need and then toss everything back in quickly when picking up.

2) Artbin totes for storing individual projects. I like the clear Artbin containers because they allow me to see a bit of whats in container. I have different sizes which allow for different types of projects. And bundling them with their specific storage boxes I can easily slide the containers in and out as I jump from project to project. Also, the storage boxes to hold the Artbins serves as a secondary countertop when projects get messy or I'm needing more surface area.

3) My fabric bins do a great job at helping me keep fabrics sorted by color without needing to put a lot of effort into folding in a specific way. There's no easier way for me to trash a space than to have the 'clean up process' take more than a minute! The mesh design of drawers allows me to see quickly what fabric is where. Also I can pull each drawer all the way out to really dig to bottom if I need to. And to really embrace functionality, the tall height of the whole setup serves double duty for a taller ironing table top.

4) Totes adorbes thread cabinet. With it's glass front I can easily see all thread options at a glance. The single latching door gives me quick and easy access to all of my threads. Plus simple, flat shelves allow me to take thread out and put it back so easily no matter the size of the spool. And the adorable vintage look keeps this a statement piece in my sewing studio.

5) Doors. Oh doors. I might have gotten this from my mom and if so she was so right. Being able to shut doors on more messy areas that might not be so cute is clutch. On my desk I have a door that stores my sewing machine and silhouette machine when not in use. Also my closet doors are crucial in allowing me to have lots of piles, containers and boxes of things to see easily and then I can quickly shut the door to help calm the messy energy.

I might be slightly obsessed with functional decor 😬. It just makes me happy in such a nerdy and blissful way. And this may spill over into my garage and kitchen and bathroom 😆

Do you have any functional decor pieces in your space that make your life a little bit easier?


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