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My Favorite Sweat Shop

I can remember some of my favorite times being in my parents basement, by myself, sewing away. And as I write this I realize it sounds more like the start of a scary movie about a girl in a sweat shop than it does of good memories. So, to set the scene a little better…the basement had lots of windows, was carpeted, heated well and my parents built me a dream setup for my love of sewing. I promise it was a creative’s paradise, not a sweat shop.

The sewing machine I was gifted for my high school graduation was a huge piece of those memories. That sewing machine allowed me to create gifts for friends, design + create custom bags/purses, make quilts for those special people in my life and ultimately give me space to get out of my head + find my flow. I can’t really explain what was so awesome about being at my sewing machine but I knew, even as a teenager, when I wasn’t allowing enough time for creativity in my life it made me feel stiff + grumpy. Sewing was my outlet just like basketball or soccer was for other kids. And although the mediums + processes have changed a little, to this day, I still have the need for a regular creative outlet in order to feel my best.


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