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Our surroundings tell a story

Our surroundings, the places we choose to spend our time, are telling a story. The stories aren't always obvious and so they're easy to overlook, especially when we've lost connection. But these stories are melded into just about every piece of furniture, decor and thing we choose to keep in our spaces.

Decor isn't just pretty things sitting in certain spots. It's not shallow, but rather displaying the top layer of us. That top layer is made up of the things we currently prioritize, physically represented by our choice of decor. Even no decor is a choice and gives a glimpse into what we focus on.

The story that is being shared depends on our priorities, how we filter our decision purchases and our individual emotional buying tendencies. When we choose to decorate our space with intention we have the opportunity to influence not only what story our surroundings share but how they impact us as well.

What story are your surroundings sharing?


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