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We've lost connection to our surroundings

I believe we are so distracted and consumed by things feeding off of our attention, we can't tell what we enjoy and what we have out of mindless routine.

It's as if we're under this spell of doing what we're told instead of doing what feels from a schedule and screen instead of with choice and intention. We might say we are too busy, don't know how to adjust or maybe insisting we don't care.

But that is exactly what keeps perpetuating this loss of connection. The lack of courage to put a pause to the mundane because it will take effort and boundaries to say no to our current life routines for a minute. And also the possibility that we may be a little different and slightly weird.

Yet, that's the beauty of it all. We are all a little different and weird. It's in sharing these subtle differences that we actually build a deeper understanding and more meaningful connections with each other.

I believe the way to create meaningful connections with each other is through our surroundings. Our homes, offices, cars and clothes. They're all opportunities for sharing a little bit about ourselves...little story starters. I believe it's time we get curious about our surroundings and see what they're saying about us and edit until it feels good.


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