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Pumped for Hamilton Flea

I’m excited to be venturing out for this market Saturday May 14th, 2022. I’ll be set up from 10am-4pm for all of you awesome neighbors that enjoy supporting local, small businesses and artists! I’m hoping for the nice weather to continue into the weekend as this one will be outdoors. And I’m specifically pumped for this market for three reasons.

Reason #1 I’m pumped for Hamilton Flea is that,

My friend Trish from Faith Love Leather will be there! She does handcrafted earrings. If you’ve seen my stories much I’m sure you’ve seen me rocking her earrings. I always get some sort of comment when I wear them because her designs are so stinkin’ cute. My current favorites are the animal print ones I have because they seem to go with everything. I haven’t seen her since the fall markets last year so I’m looking forward to seeing her…and her new summer earrings. If you’re not able to see her stuff at the event you can check them out here.

Reason #2 I’m pumped for Hamilton Flea is that,

I’ve never been to this event before! I’ve heard so many people talk about how cute and fun it is and lots of them have suggested that I share my makes here. Well I’m finally able to get in and I can’t wait to see what all the talk is about. It’s located in downtown historic Hamilton and in walking distance to breweries, local shops and cute restaurants. I hear there is the option for DORA too which means you can enjoy a beer while walking the area. Hamilton is uber focused on not only providing engaging community events like this one but they’re also big supporters of small-local businesses. They use the term “small business incubator” and it just makes me so happy whenever I hear that term.

Reason #3 I’m pumped for Hamilton Flea is that,

I’ll be highlighting my spring and more summery Button designs for decorating plants and hats. And when I’m sharing those it means warm weather, cottage days and summer vibes are so close! A few of my favorite Button designs for this time are the Monarch, Ladybug, Sunshine, the vintage Camper, Daisy and Bee. You can see all the new designs here.

Send me good vibes

for the Hamilton Flea I'm headed to this weekend. You can effortlessly show your support by clicking choosing “interested” here and extra support by leaving a comment. And if you’re in the area this weekend definitely swing by and say hi in person!


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