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Struggling With Squiggles

Thread sketching is something I've only recently added to my skill sets in sewing. Many years prior I've been too scared to try this method of creating. I think I was afraid mostly because it means flipping the standard way of sewing, throwing out all the rules and boundaries. Fun but also scary.

Typically when using a sewing machine the machine will be doing most of the work and I will be simply guiding the fabric. But with thread sketching, part of the function of the machine is turned off so that my hands are in full control of where the thread and needle go. I like to compare it to drawing with pen and paper but using thread and needle instead…and at a lot faster pace. The finished look of thread sketching is similar to hand drawn where the lines aren't completely perfect, each piece is unique and there's a big sense of the maker behind the work.

But when my computer broke beyond repair I was forced to get out of my comfort zone and try this thread sketching technique I had been drooling over for so long.

Since trying and loving thread sketching, the biggest struggle I've had is keeping my work from getting too squiggly. Over the many Switches and Buttons I've now made using the thread sketching technique I've come to realize a connection. If I focus too much on the future, if I look too far ahead of where I'm sewing, I have less stability and more squiggles. However, when I adjust my perspective on my project to only focus on the immediate spot I'm working on and just the next few stitches of where I'm going my lines are much more consistent.

Thread sketching is teaching me that this perspective shift isn't only related to sewing for me. I've noticed in life when I'm able to get out of my head, let go of the fear based thoughts, stop worrying about 'what might happen' in the future I enjoy my day much, much more. By being present in what I'm doing in my day I feel more stable and confident which results in less squiggles [aka: emotions taking over].

As I look at the Switches and Buttons decorating my home it not only brings me a smile seeing handmade art filling my space but it serves as a daily reminder. A reminder that the more present, intentional and confident I am in whatever I'm doing in the moment the more I enjoy myself, the process and my days as a whole.

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Letting go of fear and staying as present in the moment as possible is very important and those thoughts resonate with me. I love your thread sketching, by the way. Very nice.

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