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Cupcake Button

Cupcake Button

SKU: BT045

Home Decor Tells A Story

If you’re like me you’ve been looking for a way to add a touch of interest to the sometimes forgotten about places. Well then, you’re in the right spot. Maybe it’s a little house plant, the bare refrigerator or a dull magnetic board in the office, you name it.


Wherever you’re thinking about, Switch Stitch Buttons will allow you to switch over to a new design as quickly as you can change your mind. These Buttons are part of a quick & easy magnetic system that simplifies your life so you can spend less time decorating & more time enjoying your space.


The Switch Stitch Buttons

  • attach to any of your magnetic surfaces
  • can be cozy at home in your plant with the companion Plant Stake [sold separately]
  • add a touch of cuteness to your outfit with the Switch Stitch Hat [sold separately].



A multi-use, magnetic system for the creative change seeker looking for home décor that is meaningful, draws attention & easily adapts to an ever evolving style.

  • Hidden + fully secure magnets are what make this item so great, you can change your mind a thousand times and the magnets won’t wear out or move.
  • Decrease clutter & storage needs with this tiny but impactful Button. You simply change the Button to flow with your current style or to transition to a new season. Buttons easily store in a small basket or drawer when not being used.
  • Streamline your decorating while keeping your space a unique reflection of your personal style and values.


Perfect for:

  • An eye catching conversation starter for the home or office
  • An unexpected added element for the plant lovers
  • A space saving decor piece for a small home, RV or minimalist mindset
  • A purposeful gift that keeps evolving
  • Adding little pops of seasonal touches without the storage hassle
  • Layering on your outfit with the Switch Stitch Hat



Rather than buying and discarding each year, as with some home decor, Switch Stitch Buttons are created to be used over and over again, making this a sustainable purchase.


By purchasing handmade items like this you are supporting the growing movement to keep textiles out of our landfills as each Switch Stitch Button is made with reclaimed fabrics. Join me in doing a small part to reduce textile waste.


Under the cute design + reclaimed fabric, you’ll find more impactful material like the sustainable brass forms to create the Switch Stitch Buttons. 

Brass is impactful because:

  • Brass is made from old copper + zinc It can be recycled many times over unlike other materials
  • The recycling process is less energy intensive, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint


The Buttons are handma