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3 Reasons to be grateful for home

Being a lover and maker of home decor I’m constantly thinking of ways to change and improve my home. And there’s never a shortage of tutorials on my social feeds, of ‘how to DIY a space into something more and better’. I love those things, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes it’s nice to lessen the doing and simply be grateful for what we have. For me that’s a short list of three reasons why I’m grateful for my home.

1. Share my perspective, values, uniqueness with art + decor

On the enneagram scale I’m a four and so I have a deep desire to show my individuality. What better canvas to display and share my uniqueness than with interesting art and decor in my home? I’m so grateful for my home to be a foundation for layering on all of the things that make me smile, share a story and bring ease and joy into my day.

Walking through our home you’ll find lots of plants snuggled in (18 just in my living room). Bold pops of color for drama…because enneagram fours LOVE the drama…like navy lower cabinets in my kitchen and black doors on all the rooms. Each room isn’t complete without something handcrafted in it, a nod to being a modern maker. And repurposing pieces embraces my love for earth minded living.

When I do purchase new for our home I try to be conscious of where it’s coming from, who made it and how it will be used/disposed of in the future. This isn’t necessarily seen right away but it allows for a deeper story and sharing of my values when the conversation gets there.

2. Its where I do all of my favorite things

I couldn’t imagine a home that didn’t allow me to do all of my favorite things. Currently those favorites are sewing, movement/exercise, cooking, landscaping, cuddling, chilling, garage building.

I’m grateful we’ve been able to adjust our home to suit our needs (since Bob and I both work from home.) We’ve turned one room into his office and the one next to it is my sewing studio. We have a small gym in our basement with free weights and space for doing yoga. We’ve updated our kitchen just a bit to allow for more workspace while cooking together…and a new big sink for cleaning up all that cooking mess. We added a shed in the back to house all of the landscaping pots and tools so we can have more room for “playing” in the garage. We love to putz in the garage; Bob will fix things while I work on a new idea or project. And then of course we have our cozy sectional that allows us lots of cuddling space while watching tv.

3. Retreat from daily stressors and a home base

Even though our home is suited to let us do all of the things we enjoy, the best part about it is that it’s ours. Working from home has added a bit more work to the disconnecting from doing and having those designated areas is crucial for that. Being able to create an environment that is suited to our needs, speaks our values and shares our stories is something I live for and am so grateful for.

I truly believe the spaces and environments we choose to be in on a regular basis have a tremendous impact on our wellbeing. I try hard to be intentional about what we bring in and hold on to. And I’m grateful for the retreat and home base we’ve created.


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