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Made elements filter

I like to think of how we choose decor in a similar way as relationships. Let me explain...

I knew a girl in high school that had this amazing funky hairstyle, wore the cutest clothes, was witty, funny and spontaneous. We were friends until I realized she was using me for my car and that I was dating the best friend of her on-again, off-again boyfriend.

If I had taken a little time to see if we really were a good fit as friends I would have seen that we didn't have many common interests...I just thought she was cool from outside looking in.

Since high school I've had some practice at assessing the relationships I enter into. I've realized there are set things I typically consider before deciding if it will be a good fit and becoming besties. A filter if you will.

In the same way, there are certain things to consider when bringing pieces into our space to prevent the feeling of let down when it doesn't work out like we had hoped.

I use a few different filters when choosing pieces for my space and a crucial one is the made elements filter. It's the who, what, when, why, where and how of decor, all combining to help me decide if the item in question is a good fit.


  1. WHO made it

  2. WHAT it’s made from

  3. WHEN it's un-made [the end of it's life]

  4. WHERE it's made

  5. WHY it's made [purpose-function-impact]

  6. HOW it's made

At first this list can look exhausting thinking how many things we may purchase. But that's one of the beautiful things about it for me. It’s exhausting if I'm buying a lot of things so it turns out committing to the filter of the made elements has slowed my buying down dramatically.

When I do decide to purchase something I'm able to make a decision a lot quicker and easier because I have set things to consider. Things that I’ve predetermined are important to me. If something doesn't match with what I want from the made elements then I can confidently pass on the item.

The more I use this filter the less I stress about if different pieces will go together in my home. More often than not items I bring home seamlessly align with my style. That’s because my style is formed by having a consistent preference of the made elements I pay attention to.

In turn living and being in my surroundings brings me so much joy and happiness because I have done the filtering from the beginning. The pieces I have brought into my home with mindfulness and intention by using this made elements filter are a good fit for me on so many levels that I can actually feel it.


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