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Behind the scenes of the Wall Vase, 1

I had these small clear vases sitting around my house collecting dust for a month or so. My intention was to make a propagation wall. My vision was to have different plants growing on a specific spot on my wall…like art but they would be plants.

But like most things in my life, I wanted my propagation setup to be a bit different than what I was seeing all over Pinterest. I also wanted my propagation area to be uber functional and easy to maintain. Anything complex would set me up for failure. If it takes any more effort than minimal…I’m out.

Then, finally, the idea hit me...

To make my propagation wall easy to maintain, it would have to be removable for quick cleaning and filling.

To make it unique and fun, I would add a spot for the interchangeable Buttons I use with so many of my house plants.

With the vision forming and my main wants/needs addressed, I got to work:

Prototyping. Refining. More refining, until I was proud and happy with the results.

Along the way, I found out how great the Wall Vases are for showcasing fresh florals and making me smile, even if house plants aren’t involved.

As a creator, it brings me so much joy to share my process with others.

I want to take you behind the scenes of making Wall Vases, and show you what I do to create these adorable and functional propagation stations.

Next time in this short series, we will source and prep the reclaimed wood then start cutting and sanding!


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