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Eco-conscious. What Does It Mean Anyway?

When you Google ‘eco-conscious definition’ you’ll get something over 14 million results. Yeah. Overwhelming, right?! Well, I’m here to add a +1 to that 14 million number. But really, the term is meaningful to me and I think it’s important to share with you why I tend to use the term eco-conscious for my brand. Eco-conscious means being very mindful of the environment and I also like to include the economy and the people involved in the process in my definition. I include these different aspects because I believe we live in such an interdependent world that our individual actions in one area, like the environment, have impacts on other areas, such as the economy & community. So what does this term look like in real life? Glad you asked! Here are a few examples of how I work to encompass my values and beliefs of eco-conscious in Switch Stitch. 1] Switch Stitch items are made from old fabrics and woods that might otherwise be thrown away, these are called reclaimed materials. This helps do what I can to clean up the environment by using what's already available rather than buying new. 2] Currently, the magnets are purchased from just a couple states over in WV or PA and the pillow forms are made by a company in NY that employs people with developmental disabilities. Although I could probably get my supplies cheaper from other places, buying local is a long-term focus for me. When I buy from a more local business I am supporting a business that will then employ & support the people and economy closest to it. I truly believe that our strongest vote is with our purchasing decisions. 3] No toxic chemicals, adhesives or cleaning products are used during the making of Switch Stitch items. Even though this may mean a little more elbow grease, ingenuity or patience it also means less harmful substances for everyone involved [including runoff into the waterways]. - Further future plans for increasing eco-consciousness: - Buying in bulk to reduce shipping/transportation needs - Getting 100% shipping materials from recycled content - Using recycled materials for labels and tags But something I am really proud of is there’s an on-going evaluation of tiny ways to adjust for maximal eco-consciousness. And, you know, I will continue to share these with you. In short, to me, it boils down to the idea that eco-conscious is a way of life, encompassing many different elements. One of those 14 million search results turned up this helpful post if you’re up for another quick read about different ‘eco’ terms.


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