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Five easy hairstyles with my favorite hat


As I write this it’s usually about 7-10 days in between washings. When it’s time for washing I try to do all I can so that it doesn’t happen on the same day as an arm workout…because let’s be real, it makes my arms tired lol. I’m not complaining, I love that my hair hangs down to my low back and can sometimes be a chore to wash because, well, I’m a Leo and us Leo’s love our hair. Any other day than wash day you will usually find my wavy locks bunched up at the crown of my head in the sloppy, yet fashionable, ‘messy bun’. It’s my preferred. My go to.

While I’ve been rocking a messy bun for years now, it’s also come with the issue of preventing me from wearing hats. And this has led me to believing that I’m not a hat person. That is until I found the hat that has the crisscross back. Once I found this gem all dilemmas of having to choose between hair up OR hat have been eliminated and I can now confidently say that I’m a hat person.

With the crisscross back hat, I can have the best of three worlds. I can have long hair, I can wear it up off my neck if needed AND I can wear a hat. That’s what I call a win-win-win. Now I can run errands with a messy bun and cover it with a hat. I can be on the water without my hair sticking to my neck while protecting my face from the sun. I can garden and work in the garage without dirt getting in my hair and without my hair getting in my face. I can meet up for lunch post workout without requiring a shower or wardrobe change. Just grab my hat, throw my hair up and of course add a coordinating Button.

Check out the video below to see my current top 5 favorite hairstyles for longer hair while wearing a hat.

  1. Signature messy bun

  2. Half-up top knot

  3. Topsy tail low pony

  4. 2 low messy buns

  5. High pony multi topsy tail

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