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Not a hat person

Two reasons I haven’t considered myself a hat person before

1. I don’t have a lot of hats. Mostly that’’s because I’d have to buy a lot of hats to enjoy all the designs I like. That feels wasteful to me so I just don’t buy them.

2. I typically have to choose between hair up or wearing a hat. And with the amount of hair I have I usually default to hair up.

My Switch Stitch hat solves both of these issues for me. By adding a magnet in the corner of my hat I can easily change Button designs as many times as I can change my mind. Same hat, different Buttons, endless options. With the addition of interchangeable Buttons, it allows me to feel like I have a different hat without actually having to buy different hats. And that feels good to my eco-conscious heart.

Having the crisscross back is such a game changer for me in the hat world. Now I don’t have to choose between hair up or hat. I can have them both and that is a glorious thing. My go to hairstyle is a messy bun and when I can rock a messy bun with a hat I’m one happy girl. Check out some of my favorite ways I like to do my hair while wearing a hat here.

Overall my Switch Stitch hat is letting me be more of a hat person while not having to buy a bunch of different hats or loose my favorite hairstyle. Who says I can’t have it all?? Read about the full story of how my hats came to be here.

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