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The story of the magnetic hat

I was seeing so many people sporting their favorite brands or their business and I thought, I want to wear Switch Stitch! I started brainstorming how I could transform a current hat into one for Switch Stitch. I thought about making a patch or having a shop embroider my logo on (I don’t have the type of machine to do that). Those were fine options and I also thought about how expected that is…another hat with a sewn logo. Honestly, no judgement here, expected is just not my style.

So then I started thinking about how I could I make this hat be a little more unique to share my brand? Well, why not start with what my brand is all about…switching designs in a super simple way? At this time I had a few Buttons made specifically for decorating plants. Going back to the constraints that breed creativity…one of mine is using what I have…and so I decided to figure out how to attach a Button to a hat in a way that could be switched out super simply. This also doubles to embrace my eco-inspired ways.

Within a few hours I had a rough prototype created. I liked the idea behind the design however the look was a bit to clunky for me. So I started becoming really observation of other peoples hats and how they were designed. I looked at how big the logo was in relation to the hat and the placement of the logos and labels. I started making a note of the things I liked and didn’t like.

Soon enough I saw a few hats that had logos in the corner and I really loved this look.

I especially loved it because I’m a big fan of asymmetry. When things are just a bit off from being symmetrical it draws the eye and attention in and I feel it makes things a tad more interesting. So back to my prototype I went. I adjusted the magnet from the center of the hat to the bottom left corner…and I loved it! It was a little more subtle and not to mention a little easier to sew the magnet in.

Another thing I love about Switch Stitch is that the pieces are multi-functional and so I wanted the hat to fit this parameter as well. For a girl that loves messy buns and high ponytails I wanted a hat that didn’t cramp this style. So, I sourced a hat that I could also wear my favorite hairstyle with…enter the crisscross back. From this I haven’t changed much with the hat design, only the type and placement of my eco-friendly tag # upgraded!

There you have it, the story of the magnetic hat. Now that I’ve been wearing my hat for about one and half years I’ve come to notice how much I love being able to easily coordinate with the event I’m attending or what I’m doing. I also love that I can wear my hair up while wearing a hat. And mostly I love the bit of uniqueness the hat gives me, I believe we weren’t made to blend in and this hat embraces that fully.


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