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Why Gift + Chill

At the risk of sounding a little Grinchy I’m here to say that buying gifts is an energy suck for me. And I especially don't enjoy buying gifts out of obligation, so when December rolls around I find myself stuck. I’m stuck between the pressures of gifts = love and keeping my stress at a level I can live with.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not full on Grinch mode. I’ll gift when the fit is right and the two main things for me to make a right fit is ease and purpose.

If it’s not easy to make, buy, share or give you can count me out. No hard feelings, just not my style. That’s where I realized gift + chill is my thing and it’s the mindset I took to create these gift bundles. I’ll tell you now they check the box of ease and also these other six things. So if you’re like me when it comes to season of gifting then you might enjoy the easy breezy way of the gift bundles I’ve created.

In addition to being easy I also wanted the bundles to have purpose and intention because no one likes getting a gift they won’t use. Here’s a quick snapshot of who might be uber thankful you got them a Switch Stitch bundle.


The perfect bundle for that person who is up for whatever and seems to always go with the flow. They're ready to go at a moments notice and fully into the messy hair, don't care vibe. Give them a gift that keeps them ready for the next thing with minimal effort...for the both of you!


The perfect bundle for that person who is constantly looking to buy a new plant and the one to text for plant care tips. By gifting this you're saying "I care about your plants too"...without actually having to care for them. Or maybe they're a wanna-be plant lover and struggling to keep a plant alive! This is the cuteness needed to distract from those struggling plants until they get the hang of it.


The perfect bundle for that person who is running endless errands or travels a lot for work, seemingly in their car more than they are home. Maybe they live at the sports fields, courts or gyms dutifully taking their players from one activity to the next. You're so thoughtful to give them the essentials they need to stay ready for whatever event they're headed to next!


The perfect bundle for that person who is the ultimate nester and is always creating those cozy vibes. Maybe they regularly take the time to bring the outdoors in by indulging in fresh cut flowers or propagating from their plants. You're encouraging their natural gift for bringing all the feels to a space in the most effortless of ways with this bundle.


The perfect bundle for that person who is all the things, all the time. They are continually giving and doing to make those around them feel comfy and content. They're ready to go at a moment's notice, they're always on the go and when they are actually home they put a lot of care and attention into making their space welcoming for others. By gifting them this bundle you're bringing a little more smile to their world as they do for you and so many others.


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