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4 Ways I Stay Eco-Inspired

I’m either late or I’m about a year early, it just depends on how you look at it. I’m going with early because it allows me to have more compassion towards myself. April is garden month (I include landscaping in that) and Earth day and even decorating month. And it’s mid April and I’m just sharing about this…🤦‍♀️ I guess this is a real life example of why super simple decor is so pivotal for me to have a cute space…I’m always last minute and need it to be quick and easy in order to stay on time.

So in the spirit of all the days in April I wanted to share a bit more about the ways I embrace the Earth, the environment and the beauty of nature at Switch Stitch. I used to say eco-conscious because I take into account the way I make things in addition to the supplies I use. That has morphed into eco-inspired, which I feel is a little more clear…?? and its definitely easier to say and spell! And then I use eco-friendly because that's the term most people are familiar with, so you'll see them all.

4 ways I stay eco-inspired, eco-friendly

#1 way I stay eco-friendly