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Gift Bundle Collaborations

When I first started designing these gift bundles in my head I knew I wanted to bring some other maker friends into the mix. I wasn’t sure who, right off the bat, because I’ve met so many talented makers at the markets I’ve been going to. So, as I worked on the purpose and intention behind each of the bundles, I was able to narrow in on which maker friend would be able to craft something specific I was looking for.

Florist + flower farmer, Katy with Back Porch Petals

I met Katy at one of Liberty Farm Market’s maker events. She lives just down the road from me and makes beautiful flower arrangements out of her home. She also grows a lot of her own flowers and I love having fresh, local flowers splash a smile on my face (and in my home) when I have her fill my Wall Vase with an arrangement.

I love that she can fill the vase and help to bring the Wall Vase alive with the textures, smells and colors of fresh flowers. There is an option for adding fresh cuts to any of the Wall Vase bundles just note that this is for pick up only.

Maker + boutique owner, Alex with The Pon Shop

I met Alex through the spring Vintage and Made market in Hilliard, OH. We’ve connected more through Instagram and I think she’s hilarious. I enjoy tuning into her Instagram…she has a unique eye for creating posts and sharing her makes. Her boutique vibes are currently groovy and I like how she changes it up. She’ll make some things and source other pieces all to fit her current style.

With her fall release of scrunchies I just had to have a few of her designs (the Monarch one got me good) and her scrunchies have been a staple of my wardrobe since. So it was a no brainer to ask her to make me some winter themed scrunchies for the bundles since they seem to be an essential for me these days.

Plant professional + artisan market, Celeste with Thimble Gardens

I was recommended by a friend to check out the shop Thimble Gardens in Hamilton, OH as a spot to sell my makes. I’m thankful for that because in addition to displaying my pieces, I got to meet some really cool people (and animals!). Celeste, is the owner, and has created such a unique artisan market. She also is a big time plant lover, offering plant workshops and supplies.

Me, being a newbie plant mom, I grabbed some Thimble Wonder plant spray one day when I stopped in. Let me tell you I’m in love with this stuff. And you know it’s good when Bob notices the plants looking good! What better compliment to plant decor than spray to keep the plants shiny and healthy. Bonus, this spray is a family recipe she created with her grandma and it’s organic and handcrafted.

Check out all my friends makes curated together here


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