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Fits the bill: eco-inspired + Earth friendly

A few ways this hat embraces my love of being eco-inspired and Earth friendly.

The interchangeable Buttons allow this hat to have a different design so quick and easy. This means the hat can fit so many different events and situations that there’s less need to buy a variety of hats. Less stuff means more Earth friendly. Don’t get me wrong, this hat is a specific style that doesn’t go with all outfits. However, the casual weathered and worn look of this hat can be a staple for those who are like me and can typically be found in athleisure wear, weekend warrior clothes and prefer a relaxed, free and easy vibe to their style.

The thread I use to modify the hat into an interchangeable one is made from recycled plastic bottles. I’m not sure exactly how it’s done but how cool is it that Gutterman can take 10 plastic bottles and make a spool of thread out of them. Kind of mind blowing if you ask me! A second life for plastics means eco-inspired and more Earth friendly.

The label I sew on the back of the hat is also made of recycled materials. Wunderlabel uses OEKO-TEX certified and recycled threads to turn into custom labels for modern makers like me and eco-inspired people like you. Recycled materials means eco-inspired and more Earth friendly.

The pockets I make for the magnets I sew into this hat so that means there is no plastic coating surrounding the magnet. By creating my own fabric pocket I’m not buying the plastic coated sew-in-magnets typically used. Less plastic means eco-inspired and more Earth friendly.

The magnetic, interchangeable hats I make fit the bill for being eco-inspired and Earth friendly while still being modern and cute. I’m digging how this hat not only gave me another way to rock my Buttons but also compliments the constraints Switch Stitch is based in. You can check out the full story of this magnetic hat here.


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