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Pumped for Liberty Farm Market!

3 reasons I’m pumped for Liberty Farm market

I’m excited to be venturing out for this market Saturday March 26th, 2022. I’ll be set up from 10am-2pm for all of you awesome neighbors that enjoy supporting local, small businesses and artists! I always appreciate being able to explore a wide variety of products from food, skincare and handcrafted items from other local makers. This time I’m specifically pumped for this market for three reasons.

Reason #1 I’m pumped for Liberty Farm market is that,

Shelby from Oh My! Markets will be there and she always has the best food. If I know she’s coming I don’t bother packing a lunch because I know I’m going to be getting some delicious grub. Shelby and the Oh My! Markets team put so much love into their food it’s hard not enjoy everything they make. Plus I love that they use a ton of seasonal veggies making the flavors that much more rich. They’re whole business is setup around getting wholesome foods to people’s tables as quickly and simply as possible. They have frozen options all the time at Liberty Market and they offer delivery and pick-up options as well. That might be another reason I enjoy their stuff…you know I’m a sucker for quick and simple. If you’re not able to try their stuff at the event you can check them out here.

Reason #2 I’m pumped for Liberty Farm market is that,

I’ll have a fresh, new foundation piece for my magnetic Buttons! This was a last minute response to selling out of my magnetic Hats. After checking my tracking number obsessively for the last several weeks for my hat order, I finally accepted that I won't have hats for this event. That’s when I decided to create another option to display these cutie Buttons. It’s so new I don’t have any good pictures yet but I can promise you it’s sooo cute!

The new foundation piece has a spot to propagate a plant while giving the option to display up to three Buttons at a time. That means lots more options for creative seasonal switching or displaying several Buttons at once so there’s less decisions to make. I’ve comboed my signature reclaimed wood, a hanging glass vase/jar/tube and hidden magnets to create this eye-catching piece…that I’ll be hanging all over my house!

I’m excited to hear the feedback from neighbors and shoppers and I hope to be sharing more pics and details with you soon. Click here if you’re a plant propagation lover and are extra interested in this new piece.

Reason #3 I’m pumped for Liberty Farm market is that,

The vibe of the market space is so fun and chill. Even on colder days the market building is warm and cozy, filled with the smell of good eats, friendly conversation and laid back tunes. Something about it being on a local family farm takes all the pressure off of it being an “event” and makes it like a fun hang out. Tina and the team are always helpful and eager to help and share in any way they can. You can stay up to date on all their happenings here.

Send me good vibes

For the Liberty Farm market event I'm headed to this weekend. You can effortlessly show your support by clicking choosing “interested” here and extra support by leaving a comment. And if you’re in the area this weekend definitely swing by and say hi in person!


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