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Maker's point of view

So, my favorite part, is when this lady, Lisa, and her husband, Trent, come into my booth and are loving on all my makes. She buys a hat and a couple of Buttons and they’re just so sweet in encouraging me and complimenting my branding ♥️

Then, this is where my heart melted, I see her a few minutes later sharing her excitement of my stuff, her new hat, with her friend 🥰🥰🥰. She’s pulling it out of the bag and they’re switching Buttons on the hat…I almost wanted to cry, but I took a picture of it instead ☺️

These markets are very labor intensive, hot, sometimes long and sometimes not even profitable. And it’s these quick but meaningful interactions like this that keep drawing me back ♥️

If you go to a makers market you have no idea how much your honest, kind words can do for the maker sharing their skill and their heart.

Thanks Lisa + Trent ♥️☺️🥰

@Morrow Arts Center


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