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Use less stuff day

Each year, the Thursday before Thanksgiving, is known as Use Less Stuff Day. Honestly, I never knew this day existed until I started creating Decor Days for this little sewing brand. But now that I found it I’m totally diggin’ it because of how well it aligns with my brand values and purpose.

Let me show you four ways Switch Stitch fits so snuggly with Use Less Stuff Day.

1. Foundation pieces

The whole idea of Switch Stitch is based on the concept of foundation pieces that stay put all year round and have some part of them that switches out with interchangeable designs. The foundation pieces are intended to be purchased one time and are made to last years and years. A one time purchase is a great way to facilitate using less stuff.

2. Reclaimed materials

Wood: Currently I’m using 40 year old Cedar wood to create my wooden pieces like the Wall Display. The color, depth and texture of this wood is something that would take me many hours (and chemicals) to replicate. This wood has been naturally weathered by Mother Nature herself during its previously life as a privacy fence.

Fabrics: I don’t buy brand new fabrics, only those that have had a previous life. Some I buy from businesses who collect from furniture and fashion manufactures that are going to trash their extra fabrics. Other times I buy from friends and family who no longer have a use for their fabrics. And some fabrics I have had in my stash for years…with more plans to make something than actual time and energy.

3. Recycled threads

Sewing with thread made from recycled plastic bottles. As I need to buy new threads I use my go to brand, Gutermann, that has found a way to spin plastic bottles into thread. 1 bottle makes 10 spools.

Speaking of recycled threads, the labels you see on the back of the Switches, Magnetic Pillows are made from recycled threads from too. And the labels for the Magnetic Hats are made from OEKO-TEX materials which is the highest certification for chemical free textiles. I love I can have both eco-friendly and custom branded stuff thanks to finding out about Wunderlabel.

4. Magnets

Both the Switches and Buttons are made with magnets built into the design. This means that they can be switched out 1,000 times without ever wearing out. Pair that with the high quality craftsmanship and you have yourself pieces that can be used for years to come without needing to buy more stuff.


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