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What All Goes Into Designing A Switch?

Ahhh…creativity…what a world I love to get sucked into. I could play with creativity all day. I love everything about it. The messiness, the way it peaks my curiosity and of course, my favorite, the unexpected outcomes. There are a few things, however, that I take into consideration during this creative play time when I’m designing new Switches.

First, I try to be aware of how many different fabrics I need with a design. You see, the more fabrics a design has the more time it will take to cut, assemble + sew together. Just like a puzzle, the more pieces the longer that thing is sitting on your table! And since I use reclaimed fabrics I don’t have the same amount of everything. I also usually can’t re-order as specific print. So once that fabric is gone, that’s it…I’ve got to find a replacement. That means, if a design has a lot of different fabrics there can be greater challenge of having enough of a specific fabric on hand to fill all the orders. This aspect of using reclaimed fabrics makes the Switches a little more involved during the design process but also that much more unique + specia